(eluding) the grasp of gates

Yesterday was supposed to be my last day of blogging over at my political blog 21st Century Fix.  But Mr Gates’ Windows 8.1 upgrade intervened.  My neat and crisp seven years of ever-so-precious ire (where not a carefully doused fire of the frustrated) will have to wait a few more days to receive its coup de grâce.

Perhaps that is just as well.  Perhaps a blog which has reached such a clearly venerable age deserves a kinder run of the paddock than I initially intended.

Meanwhile, I start up a little more cooperatively I hope over here, at this oddly named blinkingti.me.  Here, I intend to be less introspective; less angry; less prolific in my spiel; perhaps a little more gentle all round.  As befits the job that 21st Century Fix has done for both myself and its very occasional readers, I have said all I needed to say on the subjects in question (as well as recovering from the unfairness I was subjected to, in hardly different times, a little over a sorry decade ago).  I saw our Coalition government for what it was in 2010; I saw austerity’s failure as part of the plan; I saw corporate abuse as the challenge of our time; I even saw, way before I should have done, copyright and copyleft as two faces of the same bitcoin.  We don’t need to keep saying these things.  In the end, we have to move on.

Eluding the grasp of Gates or eluding the grasp of gates?  Gates are doors just as much as business moguls.  And doors both open as well as close.  And a closed door can either be locked or just shut.  In English, we never know which.  Appearances may deceive that is true – but equally they can pleasantly surprise.

Of course, there is shit going down in this country of my birth.  Those who are suffering its impact need to shout out and be heard.  But those of us who aren’t quite suffering as awfully as this do – I think – need, eventually, to make a decision: do we stand on the sidelines and bemoan what is happening, however elegantly – or cleverly – we might do this with carefully fashioned words, or do we decide to spend part of our evermore scarce time and resources doing something face-to-face with people we still do not know?

The blinking (thinking) time, for me at least, has come for the latter.

I hope we understand each other.

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