conference call

I’ve got a conference call with Caroline Flint and Arnie Graf this afternoon.  Labour Party stalwarts – though for very different timespans – for those of you who don’t know.  But don’t worry, I’ve not suddenly become a hard-core Party apparatchik.  I guess the reasons which lead me here are quite different from that, anyway.  When faced with severe societal distress, there comes a time when realism dawns.  That time for me is now – though you may argue, rather, it is cowardice on my part.

And stopping my political blog recently, with all its sitting-on-the-fence introspection, has been a part of that process of re-engagement.

It’ll be an interesting, blinking, experience for me anyhow.

At the moment, I’m like the mole who comes up at the wrong time of day.

Oh, and that conference call?  There’ll be more than three thousand other attendees!

So if I am becoming an apparatchik, it looks like I’ll be in considerable company …

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