Some say a webpage which requires you to scroll isn’t quite what the web is asking of us.  This post, however, nicked from a Labour Party email I received this morning, is worth every second of your mouse’s wheel.

By scrolling, it helps tell the narrative we all surely know by now.  A narrative we have been telling each other, at our own hearths and in our own sitting-rooms, for a while – but which manifestly needs as many people as there are voters inclined to vote, in order that it might be retold to the outside world.

For if traditional politics achieves anything at all, it is in making as public and shared as possible the miseries of the silent many – not to overwhelm us with sadness and make us unable to function but, instead, to spur us on to a supportive, socialising and humane kind of action.

So time to scroll.  And to join this fight.

Energetic reasons to join Labour

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