outside world time, again

Me blinking, again.  I’m aiming to turn up to one of the #freezethatbill stalls tomorrow here in Chester (though I haven’t told the folks in question yet, in case – family-wise – it simply ain’t possible).

I hope to take some pictures and/or videos for uploading.  Not sure whether to go with a YouTube account, maybe created for the occasion – or pay the upgrade to wordpress.com and use their servers instead.

Anyone any thoughts on the matter?  Which would you do?  My long-term aim is to do quite a bit more videoing and photo-taking of events I attend in the future.  Would wordpress.com become too expensive on space?  10GB doesn’t seem all that generous if we’re talking HD video.

So would YouTube be a more flexible bet for the moment?

Any answers on a virtual postcard most welcome, and much appreciated.

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