the perils of political selfies

A bubble of selfies, I called it this morning.  Self-interested, self-regarding, self-important – ultimately selfish political leaders.  They live in bubbles where taking ownership of their own mistakes is the last thing they think about.  And then the rest of us must duly suffer the consequences.

So anyhow, I was pointed in the direction of this car-crash of a video.  I haven’t been able to watch it to the end.  The bubble of selfies (where not gaggle of breast-beaters) is overwhelmingly painful to witness at a distance.  The Lord only knows what it must have been like to participate.  Sound starts three minutes in, for me at least; see how much you can take.

Meanwhile, a warning shot by Tory sympathisers is fired over our bows by @TheRedRag thus:

Labour supporters tempted to criticise IDS for delays and cost overruns on a very complex IT programme should read…

Linking as it does to this dreadful tale from before the last General Election about botched People’s Party IT procurement projects.  To which I replied:

@TheRedRag Awful. & knowing govts’ history in relation to IT procurement, awful that benefit-needy be focus of new errors. @HouseofTwits

Always the same: people focussed on themselves, people who do stuff for their own careers, for their personal advancement, promotion and general public burnishing, always fail to take onboard the realities of their own actions.  Whilst happy to boast in radical rhetoric of their empire-building abilities to make changes across the board, they refuse to accept that when real people are actually touched by their actions, some responsibility must be assumed by someone in charge for when things go so radically wrong.

And sadly enough, we are living one of the worst bubbles of (political) selfies in our democratic history.  These people never serve others; only serve themselves of others.  Meanwhile, the ease with which they achieve this feat only leads them to express greater disrespect for those who allow them such freedom of manoeuvre in the first place.  The mantra seems to run as follows: “The more I can get out of you, the more shitty and useless I see you.”

If Cameron and IDS’s DWP had had any nous at all, any shred of necessary competence, it would have read the excellently contextualising article @TheRedRag has constructively posted on Twitter today, before embarking so miserably on projects which touch society’s most defenceless.  What’s more, it would then have learned – from such tragically recent history – the dangers of promising stuff on the basis of political hot air and grandiose prejudice.  But no.  Tory sympathisers are only interested in signposting historical failure in order to shift, once again, the focus from the present to the past.

If only they learnt the lesson, one day, that history should be read to avoid its repetition.  But I suppose, in our knockabout and patently selfie world of political dynamics, this would be far too much to ask of any grouping such as this: far too much to ask of any political party such as the Tories, so obviously eager to build its self-glorifying castles on the regressively unmarked graves of humble peasants.

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