“a new way of leading is possible”

This is a nice piece of inspirational politicking from Compass.


I am struck by two concepts mentioned.  The first, that “a new way of leading is possible”; and the second, that “we want to be producers” as well as consumers of politics.  This producer-consumer nexus has long existed in online content.  Indeed, exchanging valuable content by freely sharing it with others, who in turn also choose to freely share, has been one of the most disruptive dynamics for publishing models of all kinds for longer than most of us might care to remember.

So can it now disrupt in politics too?  Can we get to a point where we both consume and lead at the same time?  This would surely be a very progressive way of constructing the century.

Lord only knows it’s looking as if we need it (other examples here).

In the past, I’ve used similes relating to the language training I have most experience with.  The move which leads to one becoming an enabler, a facilitator, of learner-controlled learning – rather than a chalk-and-talk master of distantly-provided data – has already taken place in teaching.  Shouldn’t something similar happen to the hierarchies and command lines of politics?

As the video underlines: “Isn’t it time we stopped neglecting the participative side of representative democracy?”


Further reading: from the always excellent Mark Ferguson, over at Labour List, this on Labour Party reform continues the Compass debate.  Worth your eyeballs.

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