the coalition’s bejesus of a menu

A DemocMenu, that’s what we really need.

After waking up to an appalling ITV “Daybreak” report, where 32 percent of all GPs surveyed (no mention of the other 68 percent, though) were said to want A&E patients to be charged for using such services, with the avowed aim of preventing alleged misuse (don’t suppose this would have anything to do with GPs having to “manage” surgery expenditure targets over patient care, now would it?), I suggest we might wish to do the same for our democracy:

How about they started charging us to see our MPs? Then the govt could stop us “misusing” our democracy. #nhs #irony #ithink

Or alternatively control our right to email en masse our MPs with our voterly dissatisfactions:

Wouldn’t be surprised if govt shortly devised a bill where organised emailing to MPs was counted as biz – & therefore in need of a licence.


After fully processing the #NHS to death, they’ll be running out of monetisable sectors. How about the relation between MP & constituents?

So here we have it: not the McMenu of burger yore but the DemocMenu of 21st century Coalition democracy!!!  Everything government wanted to know about monetising the relationship between MP and constituent – but never (until now) dared to ask:

  1. 10 quid for the honour of a surgery session with your MP (refundable if you’re proved not to be wasting their time).
  2. 100 quid for a letter to the PM (150 quid if you get a response).
  3. 1000 quid if your MP appears on “Daybreak”, representing your issue (non-refundable even if they bollock it up – after all, all publicity is good publicity).
  4. 10,000 quid if your MP darkens the House of Commons (God forbid!!!), and manages to get your name right (15,000 quid if the BBC reports on it live, and manages to get your name and age right).
  5. 100,000 quid if the outcome of your MP’s efforts actually addresses the issues you raised in the first place (and especially if it does so before you die of painful infirmity).

So how about it, folks?  Isn’t this a fair and logical outline and comparison of what you’re looking to do to our health services?

A right bunch, aren’t they?  A right bunch of anti-democratic nest-feathering bad-faith-riven idiots, this barren crop of bad politicos is becoming.

Them and their money-obsessing hangers-on.

Bejesus, dear reader!  Bejesus!

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