“principles of function based on grids, order and logic”

This has been happening in the real world earlier today.  People protesting; police officers protecting.

Some of the images that have come out of what’s been happening have appeared on the web, as they do – and as follows:

Asher repeats the following question thus:

And the reply, I think, may be found in this apparently unprepossessing post on fonts and shopping-malls.  According to the wisdom inscribed in the article, located in the Style section – where else? – of the Washington Post (the bold is mine):

It looks a lot like something you might see online, where quirky fonts have gone out of fashion in favor of white space, simple navigation and a swath of sans serifs.

“Because we are constantly in that space, it has an effect on how we perceive what is modern,” said Geoff Halber, co-founder of Everything-Type Center, a graphic design company in New York. “We expect to see the principles of function we see on Web sites which are based on grids, order and logic.”

In the circumstances, it would surely have been better to have placed it in Sports – the kind we used to call blood sports perhaps.

Even though on this occasion dystopia seems to have kept things under control.

We’ve often had occasion to point out how the offline world defines its online equivalents.  Now we have clear evidence of the reverse: how CSS, modern web design, grids, structure, logic and order are beginning to define those spaces once so idiosyncratically and unpredictably human.

God forbid we should be anything but straightforward.

This is really terrifying.  Am I the only person to think it?

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