contradictions (i): digital by default

It’s the run-up to Christmas.

So I wrote a short story to sum up 2014.  It goes as follows:


A woman next door: the word “sprightly” describes her well.

It did at the year’s beginning.  It doesn’t so happily now.

A father down the road: the word “permanent” described him well.  But his permanence hardens over this year – dogma it becomes.

He walks with his back bent, at least in my presence.  You can never tell if what he does, he does to gain unwilling sympathy.

A family which has struggled, as many have this year.  A me who has fought, to little avail.

I realise now, even as our ambition has few limits, how a distressing reality may take over.

We are too small.

The truth of the matter is that we are too small.  We try to force ourselves into the constancy of a big universe.  But everything we do, we do with so many contradictions.

The contradictions come from us being unable to do more than what a baby-faced nature allows us to.

I saw one of those Facebook exhortations today which argued you can only understand the universe if you understand its language – this being mathematics.

Well.  That’s me buggered.

I’m sure it’s true, mind.  That the language is mathematics.  But I’d really rather find myself circumscribed by love.

For example.

Not that I understand love much better.

Anyhow.  The latest toy is the Internet; what this post needs in order to reach you.

Via the piggybacking worldwide web, I stumble into your PC monitor, onto your smartphone screen or around your tablet real-estate.  The latter two, more than likely monetised to the hilt.

The Internet is being sold as a solution to all our ills.  An example: we are told that local government resources will be stretched more and more.  In order to continue to deliver essential services, we shall – amongst other measures – need to automate most of what we find out and interact via the web I’ve already mentioned.  To achieve this goal, we shall – as citizens – be forced to go online.  Yet we are told, by a separate arm of government, that privacy online is a no-no: something we can no longer aspire to.

For those of us who treasure privacy, then, the choice will no longer exist.  And in the meantime, in this hurried push to digital by default, those well-positioned to do business in such areas will increase their technological stranglehold over citizens like ourselves.

Not only in the area of consumerism and consumption; now, also, in the area of public service and society.

We are superficially informed of all the advantages; the disadvantages, however, disappear into a fog of obfuscation.

More than digital by default, it’s two fingers by default.

Agree or disagree?  Place your votes – and comment if you will!

Contrarily if you can.  The only way …


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