the background to a mistake

Claire Johnson tweets to me this morning:

@K_CJohnson @zebrared don’t poke a tiger x

On re-reading the exchange which provoked this tweet, as well as the tweets which came after, I can see the problem.

Keith Johnson, meanwhile, started it all off with the following tweet a couple of days ago:

On a final note before bed, any advice on where I can get an ironing board cover for Mrs.J’s Christmas surprise? 😉

I wonder if the two Johnsons are related in any way.  I think it unlikely, but Twitter is an unlikely place.

Anyhow, in my defence, I did finish the original exchange by saying:

@K_CJohnson Mind you, you might consider giving her the ironing-board cover so she can re-gift it on to you. Maybe that be a surprise?!

I think that establishes – to a degree anyhow – my credentials in the matter.  He didn’t respond, as far as I know.

What went through my head at the time?  I’ll dig the hole deeper.

In my family, we’ve often been gifted and have gifted to others things needed around the house.  There wasn’t always the money to buy presents outside the norm of regular purchases.  Christmas just came along, as it does, and served to do little more than punctuate the minimal flow of consumption.

I wondered if this was the case here.  I recently scoured shops, both bricks & mortar and online, for an ironing-board to replace a really good one we used to have.  In the end, we bought something worse and cheaper than we were used to at TK Maxx: it’s quite serviceable (to coin a phrase) – simply not quite as good as what we’d had.

I wasn’t sure if Johnson (K) was in this kind of situation or not.  I guess sensitivity was my first goal.

In the end, it appears my sensitivity was an own goal.

It’s not easy to be sensitive to all parties to a circumstance – but it doesn’t make it right, either, when you fail to be as sensitive and understanding of relationships and situations as you should always strive to be.

Apologies for that.

Fulsome I mean, at that.


And Happy Christmas, wherever – and with whomever – you find yourself.

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