when a heart tells a different story

Silicon Valley's heartActually, I’d prefer this title to headline a quite different tale.  But hey-ho, sometimes life is like that.

My mobile’s battery is currently at sixteen percent.  On my mobile’s battery bar I noticed quite a while ago that when the battery was low, an icon in the shape of a heart appeared over the battery icon itself.

I thought: “How I would have liked to have been in on the design conference which decided on a heart.  How sweet; how un-Silicon-Valley-like; how imperatively humane; how, simply, nice.”

A heart: a symbol of unbound love; unremitting affection; often unbroken honesty, despite circumstances, too.  An instinct to caring for the less fortunate amongst us, above all.  An impulse to act out sacrifice for the altruistic good of others.

A heart that was there to care for our smartphones: for our photos, our messages, our contacts and our music.

In essence, for everything that forms the identity of modern men, women and children.


How glassy-eyed I became, just thinking about the implications.

Except, not long ago, on closer examination, I realised it was really a shield.

What does that say about Silicon Valley, now?

What does that say about us?

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