el país vs sky – battling away on twitter for france’s soul?

Here’s a bit of a social-media anecdote.

Seven seconds apart: this is how the Spanish liberal newspaper El País reports the French President Hollande, as he talks live to his nation and the world, versus Sky’s reading of the selfsame situation.  They snuggled up alongside each other quite casually in my Twitter feed not long ago:

El País vs Sky on Hollande's declarations

Those of you reading this post will understand the English.  For those of you who don’t understand El País‘s Spanish (which, of course, in itself is a translation from the original French), here’s my attempt at translating it all into English:

We have to demonstrate our determination to fight against what may divide us.

Picky of me?  I’m sure Sky gives us the above somewhere else in the stream.  But even so, if an elision it is, it’s a fascinating example of how the media (purposefully or not) persists in mediating our perceptions.

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