LentilsI have a theory about bayleaf.

I think it’s a spooky … herb is that?  Or is that just “leaf”?

I use it in lentils; chicken soup; stews of all kinds.  I usually drop in a couplet so they sing to the senses better: so they don’t feel lonely either, don’t you know?

The problem isn’t dropping them in.  The problem is retrieving them, once the pressure cooker’s done its stuff.  Mostly, almost always, you can find one of the blessed beings – but not both.  You dig and swirl and twist the wooden spoon – to no avail.

It remains invisible to this very frustrated eye.

What is it about bayleaf that makes one so easy to find and two so difficult to chase down?

That’s kind of the story of many bits of my life.

Life – or is that just “leaf”?

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