#hyperlocal #citywiki voices

Adrian just tweeted this site – of his founding – our happy way on Twitter:

Sutton Wiki is based on these principles:

  • self-empowerment – Sutton Wiki is run by and for local people and the local community, aiming to empower and include everyone as readers, writers, editors, photographers, designers, technologists, etc.
  • autonomy – we do our own thing in our own way
  • local – as far as possible the site is created and managed in Sutton
  • freedom – we only use Free_software to run the site and everything we create or use is Free_content.

I love his kind of disclaimer at the bottom:

Sutton Wiki is disorganised by adrianshort who may be able to answer your questions.

He also helpfully tweeted my way an article from 2009 from Nieman Lab on the subject of #hyperlocal #citywiki projects.  You can read it here.  This in particular caught my eye:

Don’t get hung up on mimicking Wikipedia. Sure, it may be the most useful object ever created by human beings. But as Marshall Poe showed in his terrific biography of Wikipedia’s youth, its rules — universal editorship, neutral point of view, no original research — were forged out of year-long flamewars among the early Wikipedians. Neustrom and his friends didn’t think NPOV was suited to an inherently Davis-centric site, so they ditched it.

As the Nieman Lab article sagely observes elsewhere:

Wikis need content to breed content. Or, as evergreen-content guru Matt Thompson put it last week, a wiki written primarily by robots will appeal primarily to robots.

Voices, that’s what we’re looking for here.  Not impartiality which isn’t; not opinions which simply harden prejudice in others.  No.  Voices, experiences, stuff from the heart; things that matter – to individuals whose lives matter to others.

It’s really good stuff.

I’d love to get involved.

Not as writer, editor, overlord or guru.

Just as enabler and facilitator for people to climb that learning curve.

Expressions belong to us all.  Expressiveness too.

Projects which properly #hyperlocal and #citywiki communities could facilitate and enable just that.

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