(letting stifled) voices (breathe)

I’ve posted a couple of articles recently over at http://error451.me/blog, on the subject of the #hyperlocal website I’m setting up with DokuWiki software.  Most of the time I’ve been spending on the techie side of things – I am, indeed, an adult child with a toy.

Most simple way of explaining it is that – for me – working out how to make such things work is like I was a kid on Christmas morning with a huge new box of Lego.

Not the Lego that came with instructions and is kind of reductionist (ie today’s Lego).  No.  Rather, the Lego where you had to invent the plans yourself.

That Lego.

That time during the 20th century.

No Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Batman tie-ins at all.

Anyhow.  To bring those of you who follow this blog and not the other up-to-date (no pressure on not following, mind!!!), here are my two most recent posts on the subject of the aforementioned #hyperlocal chester.website:

  1. http://error451.me/2015/01/31/a-hyperlocal-publishing-project-experiences-with-dokuwiki-on-chester-website/
  2. http://error451.me/2015/02/03/further-thoughts-on-hyperlocal-sites-and-dokuwiki-software/

(I thought I’d be early web there, and give you the full-on effect of old-fashioned linking!)

If you read the two posts in question, one of the issues that comes up is that of the difference between voices and opinions.

In my opinion (where not my voice …), voicing opinions tends only to harden prejudice.


That didn’t work too well.

Let’s rewind and try again.

I think that expressing opinions tends only to harden prejudice.  Whereas expressing one’s voice leads to a far better chance of a wider understanding all round.

When we hear a voice, we are more than likely going to want to listen to what’s being said.

When we hear an opinion, we stiffen immediately and put up the mental barricades in defence.

We embrace a voice.

We only ever want to contradict an opinion.

This is why I would love to set up a cooperative around an environment such as the one I’m trying little by little to build at chester.website: a cooperative which would imply a judicious – as well as a just – combination of continuous and regular learning opportunities alongside a proper and equitable business relationship.  Nothing like that in order to drive engagement, right?

An environment which allowed ordinary people to acquire the learning necessary both to communicate and do business in an evermore socially networked world.

Yes.  I know.  It’s barely fleshed out there.  It’s still at a very primitive stage.  Even the editorial side of things – I guess you’d imagine a priori as being easier than the techie stuff – is partly dependent on knowing what the techie side can allow you to do which people never did before in such communicative contexts.

Also, editorial missions and approaches always depend on the people themselves.  Not how many.  Not what ages.  Exactly the individuals in question.  So how can you decide stuff before others come onboard?  Well.  Of course you can’t.  Naturally you have to wait.  (Though, as you may have guessed, it’s not in my nature to know how to wait gracefully.)


Nothing like the social economy to drive social interactions.  A cooperative of #hyperlocal relationships, then, to let all those stifled voices breathe.

What do you think?

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