pret-ography fun

Just been having a coffee and two slim Pret baguette sandwiches, so not slim after all.  But who cares?  It’s Friday after all.

Two slims equalling one long is like a pizza half and half.  So if the Italians, why not the French?  That’s my philosophy from now on.

Love Pret A Manger.  Food is always good; love the fact I don’t need to research the sell-by dates because, basically, they don’t have them; and the pouring cream is universally top-notch.

So the coffee, also.

But their major strength is soup.  And for a soup guy like me, this is like arriving at the perfect lover.

So here I am, and there you go.  A different kind of falling in love!  And that’s the happiest Mil has been in a long while …

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