There are things you can do to make life easier for many people.  If I go out these days, I try to go somewhere good.  And good means somewhere which does food – or drinks – I don’t (or can’t) do myself.

And as family work in restaurants – really classy ones too – I appreciate in my own bones the reality that is waitressing and waitering and working in the larder, and prepping and actually cooking too.  Not because myself I’ve done much more than McDonald’s, which in itself is a wondrous machine of timely production, but simply because those who tell me their experiences do tell me their experiences fabulously.

So I tip generously.  I tip for the maddest of reasons.  I tip when I feel good, not only when it’s tasted fine.

A smile can make me tip.

A tip can make me smile.

I think this spirit is needed more and more as society disintegrates towards a jobless reality.  We need to re-engineer kindness back into our economy.

We need to recover the spirit of the Port Sunlights and the Bournvilles.

We need to be human beings first, tippers above all; and only then become gatherers of wealth.  Give before you receive, and one day you shall receive.

Receive before you give, and you will never give again.


IMG_1849 (Edited)

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