pic[k]s from a mainly cool saturday

Bit of trauma, not much: mobile internet interrupted by number port.  Then mild and dumb ethered disagreements.  We agreed not to speak more for a bit.

I felt down; but recovered quickly through photography.  Less injuriously than via poetry, too.  More difficult to see what you’re saying through pics.  Poetry, meanwhile, always gives away far more about both the author and the authored.

So I recovered my equilibrium by snapping away happily.  Weird, eh?

Actually, the snapping is not enough.  It’s the mixing and processing that really keeps me cool: the sexy part of art is the transforming into something new: the something which didn’t previously exist in this whirled.  It’s like making love with someone beloved – only in the absence of such opportunities, you achieve the same result by fiddling with digital filters and the like!

Love painting with digital pics.  The pics – and picks – of my day in this post, then …

Thanks for showing an interest!

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