the politics of coffee

I know I have spoken sadly of Starbucks in the past, and maybe as an ordinary citizen I had the write to, and maybe I didn’t.  Financial engineering is par for the course these days, and I think I tend now to feel we can only change the system by changing the system: changing – and where not practical, aggressively berating – people never had a lasting effect.

But where I see life differently these days is in how I separate structure from individual.  There are good Starbucks and not so good, but in all to date I have enjoyed something from the experiences.  And the people who have served me have been people through and through: with all this means, and rightly should signify.

And my view of the world, and the people who people mine, is gradually becoming more forgiving and kindly, as I determine who stays and who goes, and also as I become capable of reaching out to other new people I genuinely fall in love with.

My capacity for love may be extreme, but for all that it is true as true can be.

And I thank the universe for making me like this, and I hope one day I shall have someone at my side who instinctively understands and accepts the consequences: but not only accepts – also ultimately luxuriates in the fact.

As far as the politics of coffee?  Well.  If politics and the personal truly are one and the same, for me there will be nothing more political than a grand arabica.

Strength 6, of course.  And shared, in love …

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