two types of meaningless

I’ve just read the last chapter of the book “Satin Island”, on the recommendation of I think someone I should consider a friend, at least of sorts: Mike Stubbs, the CEO of FACT Liverpool.

I say of sorts, because I’m still unclear – my fault I’m sure – as to what he might want out of our acquaintance.

But a man and artist of real and considerable interest, he most certainly is.

The last chapter of “Satin Island” makes me now want to read the rest.  I cannot be anything but grateful to Mike for pointing me in its direction.  And it also makes me want to recommend it to you.  The narrative voice – at least in Chapter 14 – is cool and composed, and fully self-aware.  I won’t say what I have learnt about the book by starting at the end, but I think I can say part of the protagonist’s journey involves choosing wisely between meaningless alternatives.  

I empathise strongly with this dilemma.

I have begun to attempt to do the same.

So I now have some priority summer reading.  And maybe I’ll discover it more or less tells the story of my past eight months – or perhaps much much longer than that – in some weirdly apposite manner.  And maybe not only my own story – maybe all our stories combined, these days.

In some curious and gorgeously wild way, anyhow.

Read it, please.  If you like good writing, then you won’t be disappointed.  And if you’re at all interested in comprehending life, especially the distractions and confusions of 21st century life, then this book and its author will surely take you to that place.

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