we aren’t what we read … but … even so

I’m back at home, and behind the PC.

I took some decent photos today; a couple of OK posts too.



Re “Satin Island” versus “Notes from the Underground” – the latter being the other book that Mike Stubbs suggested I might read.



I think, after all, I’ll be giving the latter a miss: “Satin Island” seems a deal more optimistic – more importantly, relevant – to where I want to go.  And choosing what not to read is as much a declaration of principles and intent as choosing what to read.

Not that we should be judged on either, but in moments where we emerge from considerable flux, and become tempered by the experience and stronger as a result, we need to begin to make decisions based on where we really want to go.  It’s not that reading something or not defines who you will become, or be, or feel, or think; rather, it’s that making choices empowers: and deciding what to imbibe intellectually can decide how we are, progress and grow just as much as the alcohol we take (as well as the degrees of its strength when we finally do).

Or choose not to take, as the case may be .

And that’s part of the ten steps forwards I’ve taken today.

And I think they remain ten steps forwards at the end of the day, too.

No.  I shan’t censor what I read or expose my intellect to.  But in a world where there is a multifarious breadth of books and films and art to be picked out, one’s development as writer and artist will depend on what one decides to touch and make contact with.

And in that initial choice, one’s creative being will begin to proactively develop.  And that proactive engagement with yays and nays – with creative yays and nays, I mean – is not an insignificant step forwards for any person who would like to be maker, and matter, of cultural entity.

So Mike, I’m really grateful for the pointer; but I draw my marker in the sand with respect to “Notes”.  Not out of fear at all; instead, out of a need to say: “Yes, maybe for you it’s cool.  But for me, I want something else.  I want the beauty of weird discovery: of discovering beauty where no one else does stumble across it, perhaps.  I want to be different and happy whilst doing it too, and forward-looking and able to love others.  And if art cannot come out of that mix, I choose not to do it.  But right now, I sincerely believe it can.”



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