alarm bells

I know I speak too much about coffee and its taking.  But coffee isn’t the drink only: it’s the ritual. Just like tea-drinking for the Japanese – or the English for that matter.

Either way, what’s good about speaking with people is that over a coffee – or whatever – we define and redefine ourselves.  We make ourselves finer, that is to say.  Especially when the company in question acts in good faith.

Alarm bells?  Maybe sometimes.  Maybe still I say too much and too easily.  But I’m learning as well; so perhaps we can be a little kinder to my occasional mistakes along the way.

Or perhaps it’s me who needs to be kinder; perhaps yous already are.

You reckon?

Been a good day anyhow, all in all.  A good day.  Some decent photos taken too.  Yep.  Some decent photos.  Am cool with that.  Am happy.

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