time for a green tea, i think (and some other thoughts on friendship)

Meeting at midday cancelled at last moment.


Does tend to happen rather a lot to me, you know.

No matter.

Was probably going to be fairly inconsequential, though definitely agreeable: the person in question is a very interesting, difficult to get a handle on, sort of man.  My sort of person, I guess.

Will do some paperwork first instead, then maybe go off to Liverpool for the day.  Planning my long-weekend retreat will be on the cards too.  Plus going to visit a dear friend when I come back, so that all sounds good.

I’ve got into the habit of calling members of my family who I want to be with my friends, rather than calling them family.  I think this is right, you know.  Just because you are family doesn’t make you my friend.  And just because you are just my friend doesn’t mean you’re not a part of my family.


Time for a green tea, I think.


Time for a green tea …



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