snapshots and streetscenes of dublin

Bits and bobs from today’s walk around and in Dublin.  

And what follows is life’s lessons for today.

And even as I hope tomorrow shall be otherwise, it’s never wise to hold your breath.

So today has taught me it’s good to relearn self-sufficiency; to learn not to depend upon others.  Especially others who promise and do not deliver.  And photography of the sort I love, and of the writing I love, and this does mean the life I have become obliged to love too, requires the participation of no one but myself.  No viewers nor readers, nor engagers of any sort. 

Better by far to be an island than a river. Better to go alone than flow with those who speak in knife- and forked-tongue.  Better, in truth, to expect nothing of others at all.  

Better to learn just how to enjoy the solitude – in all its utter plenitude.

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