honest, and oh-pen (or how friends are much better than lovers)

My wonderful daughter just got her A2s.

I love her for who she is, but I love what she achieves as well.  She’s a battler and a fighter, and a person with a hugely well-formed moral and intellectual universe.  She got Bs in Psychology and Art, and A in Film.  And she already had an unconditional to study Fine Art Foundation this coming year.

She didn’t expect it, and I am so very proud.  Sometimes the good do get rewarded.  Sometimes it is so.

And these are the moments in life when everything fits …


And so I realise, myself, as I return from moments of huge joy over the weekend, that it’s actually all right for me to be honest and oh-pen: only, I must choose the place, the person and the moment.

And over the weekend, I got to deepen real friendships with real people, who really value me.  And friends are so much better than lovers, don’t you think?

Yes.  Friends are so much better than lovers.

Especially when the oh-penness you are, and feel, and naturally gravitate to, can ultimately find its natural abode, home and resting-place.


IMG_2521 img_2397

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