I am quite clever sometimes.


So this is what I did.  I bought a fairly basic Nikon camera without wifi.  I then bought an eyefi SD card (32GB) and put it in the camera; and I then downloaded the eyefi app to my iPhone; and I then went into all sorts of settings off my own back and got it so that when I take a photo with the camera, the photo is auto-uploaded not to eyefi’s costly cloud but to Apple’s much cheaper (at least at the beginning) on-device and cloud set-up.

So now I can carry on taking photos, but with a camera camera, and yet still edit them with my fave iPhone tools.

You gotta admit, if you’ve read this far … well, I am pretty damn persistent at the very least!  Even if not clever.


Reminded as I am of my ingenuity, of my persistence, I wonder why I find it easier to apply it to inanimate objects than living, breathing human beings.

What happened to me in my life that means as I break free of my past, I fear getting the future so very wrong?

IMG_2569 IMG_2563 IMG_2559 IMG_2566

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