unsticking -ves

There’s a great TEDxUCDavis video which has been sent my way today by a very good, though distant, friend.

I don’t normally watch videos: and am so glad I watched this one.

It’s a fabulously simple exposition of evidences which demonstrate:

  1. how we all love – at some time or other – to luxuriate in negatives
  2. how – if we so choose – we can do something about it

I can see over the past seven or eight months I have been slowing moving towards such choices – maybe intuitively, maybe with others’ help.  The latter I really am not sure at all about.

But whatever the whys and wherefores, I am grateful.

The video was sent my way as a result of the following Facebook post I wrote this morning, which I am now re-publishing below:

OK. Strategic-decision time (small decisions; gotta start with the small ones, right?).  No more late-night walks by myself: I just get miserable.  Then following on: no more early-morning blogposts: they just find me miserable.  Not gonna be false to myself in the future by writing later; but writing when miserable is also false!


Piddling down where I am, but even so shall brave the elements. Nice shower, after all this morning’s admin, puts me in a good mood for almost anything and anyone. Plus my bank was very kind, and refunded a fee just now. Excellent cust service. Sometimes all you need to do is ask, no?

And so yes: cycles can be broken, you know.  There are always steps backwards, and others onwards and upwards.  The processes and habits of a lifetime are not easily re-engineered, especially when the desire to give up what is noxious and toxic is counteracted by other people’s refusal to countenance the same.

But even so, once the rules of the game are understood, and the players identified, and the actions and reactions observed in their full nature, it doesn’t half suddenly become possible to see what one must do.

And I know what I must do.

And it doesn’t mean lining up a new life before anything else.

Rather, it means – first and foremost – learning to leave, with decision, a past of serious pain behind.





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