no protection needed

I lost my Nike baseball cap today.  It happened at Brasco, near Albert Dock in Liverpool.  Then I phoned them.  To ask.  I mean it was pissing down at the time, and I was already ten minutes away.  Nothing handed in.  So then it has sentimental value, and I really want it back.   And so I go.  And the waiter ain’t seen it.  And then, there it is – perched on the bench I had been sitting at.

And I am grateful, and relieved.  It’s much more than a baseball cap.  It represents a person I love very much, too.  And even though it’s impossible, it’s felt.  So there.

And before I catch my train back to Chester, I have a final coffee at Lime Street.  And I take a picture, and write a puzzled blogpost. 

I’m very confused at the moment.

And when I finish my coffee and go down the escalators to the underground and sit down on a seat next to a woman with a sniffle, I realise I’ve lost my umbrella.

But I don’t go back up, even though I have time.

I don’t need protection.  I want love.

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