fun and aims: a story of loving recovery

It has been a strangely exhilarating day in Liverpool today. It has been for a number of days, tbh.  Maybe for months.  Maybe for years.

Only I didn’t have the means to safely confirm this.

Now I think my intuition is fair in the overall design if not the detail.  And I would be fascinated to know the detail sometime.  Well.  As soon as poss.  But only as soon as poss.

This evening is not an evening for asking for anything.  It is an evening for being; for understanding; for appreciating the fine intelligences of others; maybe of many others; maybe more than I shall ever be able to know.

And I do appreciate these intelligences – more than you will ever know yourselves.

Thank you one and all. 


For I am bewildered, even as I am happy beyond belief. 

And if I must be bewildered, because you think this wise, then so be it.  

So be it.

So be it.

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