I used to think “lol” meant “laugh out loud”.  Or maybe I thought it meant “laugh online”.  Rightly, without Googling, I can’t remember of the two possibilities which is actually the correct one.  But then in a writerly whirled, does correct really need to matter all that much?

I am reminded of a Facebook meme which, in turn, reminded us we should never make fun of someone who mispronounces a word: for it is a sign the word was discovered in a book, via self-learning.  And that is the grandest instinct of all.  To improve oneself, to be grander through one’s own efforts, is the best kind of learning a human being can engage in.

Where the results are kindly and compassionate and inclusive, we can only be adding to the sum of human happiness.

Inexactitude a bad thing, then?  I don’t think so.  Let us celebrate all our beautiful difference by celebrating all our inexactitude: and let us, childlike, remembering those wonderful times of youthful stumblingnesses – when nothing seemed wrong and everything was possible – laugh out loud and online with equal joy, heart and soul.  

Not to fear.  That is what our shared humanity needs to recover.  Our creativities depend on our fearlessness.  And our future depends on the calibre of these creativities.

So yes!  One, two, three, all together now: “… lol, lol, lol, lol …”

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