“no one is better for being bigger”

“David el Gnomo” was one of our family’s favourite shows when my children were kids, and we were living in Spain.

The full intro is at the end of this post, but I’ve cut to a scene about half the way through below.  At the top it says, in Spanish (castellano): “Nadie es mejor por ser más grande.”

This kinda translates as: “No one is better for being bigger.”

I was reminded of this wisdom today.  I am reminded more and more of the intelligence, innate curiosity, kindness and thoughtfulness of practically all the young people I have ever met.

In a world where adults fail constantly to understand each other – where certainly my ability to properly live with others, and understand their desires in relation to me, is more and more to be found distressingly wanting – it is to children I think we must look in order that we might recapture our certainties about human relations, living together, research and investigation, the purpose of science and learning, and many other issues of modern life.

Such young people have an unerring sense of where things are at.  My own diagnosis of mental ill-health which dates from 2003, meanwhile, has defined for over a decade a skillset which I firmly believe I have to be more an illness in need of being rigorously drugged out of action.

My ability to sense where reality lies has taken many knocks; is doing so even now.

I am sad about this; sometimes, even angry.

I hope no child or young person will ever have to go through what I have gone through – indeed, what I still am having to attempt to comprehend.

The full version of the title song from “David el Gnomo” can be seen in the second excerpt.  If you understand the language it’s sung in, it’s an entirely inspiring blast from pure childhood.

And if you don’t understand it, just believe me.  OK?

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