red top

It’s frustrating to live in a world where people don’t take their responsibilities seriously, nor care to anticipate the impact their carelessness has on other people: both the latter’s personal confidence as well as simply their livelihoods.

But worse than carelessness is a deliberation to trample on others without appearing to do so.

The red top of violent undermining which overarches the lives of so many of the defenceless is wrong.

And experiencing this is unjust.  It is also unjustifiable, unjustified … and plain abusive.

Robbing a human being of their dignity is bad enough.  Robbing them of their connection with reality – and their right and capacity to share this connection – is, however, tantamount to robbing a life in its entirety: boxing it up and wrapping it round and tying it down and – ultimately – breaking the will of the person to be an individual.

And once as a society we lose our ability to value the individual above the common, then does indeed the common become very common.

And those who benefit from such a step stumble not at all in the hubris they engineer.

But those who become the stones on which the hubris-engineers stride as they build and grow their empires of casual hate never achieve their potential.

To be not a stepping-stone of the engineers but a brook of the beloving.

I would this be, if I could.  But I have to accept your challenge.  I offered peace.  You hunger for conflict.  Your desire for conflict is ultimately stronger than my capacity for love.

And the failure, in this, entirely is now mine.

Even as it remains forever and always in your power to engineer for the good – and forget your awful awful thirst for hubris.

And even as I shall never give up on the desire you may one day rediscover from an innocence of childhood long  neglected.

The red top of naked openness versus the men and women who know only how to hide away the truth.  

So which do you choose, my friend?  Which do you choose?  What kind of friend do you want to be?  What kind of friend do you think I want?  Do you even know how to be a friend any more?

I do, for sure.  But I now seriously doubt even your wish, never mind your ability.

You have lost my trust.

And more than hubris, you now need to engineer bridges.  If, that is, you still care to remember how.

If, that is, you even remember why.

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