now this is cool

Some years ago, maybe even months ago, I would never have written this post you’re about to read.

I feared technology rather than focussed on its potential.

I’m currently staying near Dublin, in the house of real and beautiful friends.  I rented a car; cost me too much; will negotiate better next time round for sure.  But the car is absolutely gorgeous: a Hyundai Tucson 2016.  

The gearbox and engine are generous souls: this is just as well, as I was unaccustomed to a manual gearbox and had to be as ballsy as I could as, with due caution but also fairly fearlessly, I rapidly remembered the lessons of my manual-gearboxed driving from a few years ago.

The car is frankly fabulous: airco, satnav, huge boot, gorgeous interior, silent as a church on a joyful day.

But the very best thing is the service which the hire-car company provides: they track where you go with GPS, but also magically track your driving skills as well.  They do this so they can then send you a daily email showing your progress as you improve or not against a Smooth Driving Index they’ve engineered.

Last year I would have been horrified.  This year I am enchanted.  Is this a sign of my utter capitulation to the forces of privacy invasion – or one piece of evidence of my growing happiness and wellbeing?

I don’t think the former.  I do think the latter.  I am falling in love with technology again.  And maybe in the absence of a flesh-and-blood lover I could touch and love and distract myself with, tech is doing its biz for me even faster than it would’ve!

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