“A Date for Mad Mary”

I saw a film tonight.  It was a beautiful film.  There were two beautiful women in a cast of many women.  Some of the women were sad.  Some were plain – but never plainly – rude.

All were amusing.  All were real.  All were people I easily fell in love with.

I won’t say too much more but do fiercely urge yous to go and see the film I mention.

It brought me back from the borders of depression: the depression your games do provoke in me.

And I see right now the only way forward for me right now was the only way forward for the two beautiful women in the film I saw tonight: their saving comes from their love for each other; and one day it will become myself in similar way.

In the meantime, I must soldier on in terrible solitude, as the woman who speaks does not really love me and the woman who loves me I have yet to meet.

Tough stuff, right?  Tough stuff indeed.

The toughest you ever could imagine.

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