on the type of criminologist i might always have been, anyway …*

I have been reading an Oxford book – the Oxford book on the subject, I think! – about criminology.  It’s around 1000 pages long.  My Kindle tells me I have read 15 percent so far.

It’s a totally grand read.  In particular, I have enjoyed the chapters which give an overview of the differing approaches in the field; on the psychology applicable to and used within criminology; and on the version of the practice that is called cultural criminology.

Cultural criminology is what I have been writing since 2006 at least.  Inasmuch as it is involved with the meaning of discrete cultural “events”, and even where crime has not been the focus of my thoughts, the discourse I have used most definitely has been that of the aforementioned approach.

I suddenly feel at home and at one with the world in this persistent, resilient and robust search for meaning in everything: and in truth, where the question “why” trips easily from our lips I always shall be.

Not for me the positivist who chooses to measure the easily measured, and who only values the clearly repeatable.

Let us not define our radii of activities by what first comes to hand but, rather, by what engages with the full complexity of modern thought and curiosity.

And if we are prepared to spend billions on constructing consumerism, let us spend a few hours at least deconstructing it.

* As a footnote to this gently reflective post, I now understand more clearly the games the natural allies of positivists have played with me for the past two years or so, or maybe much much longer.

It does become so very manifest.

How cruel you have been to me and my emotions.  And one person in particular I shall never be capable of forgiving.  They acted as agent provocateur in a most unseemly and repellent manner.  But then I guess their mistresses and masters are just as repellent and unseemly.  Of the people we work for, so we become?  Or does your behaviour emerge entirely from within? 

Tell me, dear positivist (you know who I mean when I direct these words at you), what would you conclude if I was able to push you far enough on this one?  What would your instincts lead you to obfuscate this time?

No more, OK?  


No more.

And thus battles commence … but this time I realise …

… why.

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