when you begin to look and suddenly see


I just tweeted the following:

“Am thoroughly enjoying life at the mo’. MA in Criminal Justice right up my street. Find myself inclining to Cultural Criminology.”

And a dear follower (who I follow) remarked that this gladdened his tired heart.  And suddenly I know I am following the right path.  And the people not a million miles away from me who this summer tried to emotionally blackmail me into positivism were wrong after all.

And I know this will lead to a god-awful battle some way down the academic – and maybe politicised – route, but I am now ready because I realise what was happening all along.

And what was happening was just totally unright, that comprehension and understanding really won’t be where it’s at any more.

Family, you let me down.  And boy did you let me down big-time.

But now I am to have a different family: no safer perhaps, but starting afresh for sure.  And based on opportunity, not quasi-criminality.

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