We should be thinking more, I think – thinking a lot more than we do.  I don’t know about you but these days, I find myself blinking far more than thinking.  Blinking like a rabbit in the full glare of terrifying headlights.  Or blinking like a noncommittal tourist taking a casual journey to foreign destination.

This blog was to have catalogued my blinking thinking over 7 years – and maybe a day or so – from when it first started up in November 2013.

Why so?  Because my previous blog lasted that long.

After that, who was to know?

Before that, who could have told?

IMG_0986But now, after a sojourn into poetic licence and truth, I have taken up its reins again – and plan to do a lot more with it than simply catalogue my thinking.  I still will write, of course; but I currently love painting with photography too, and maybe other digital forms of expression will mosey their way on down to this space at some time in the future.

Either way, I hope you enjoy what you see and read: I always try and work in good faith, and with the best will and desire to tell the truth that I can summon.

So here’s to blinking, and thinking.

Miljenko Williams

November 2013 / August 2016
The Interwebs



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