the #beatlesstory #liverpool (i)

I finally went to the Beatles Story exhibition.  At first sight it seems a bit expensive but don’t be put off, please – it’s valid for visits to two shows – one in the Albert Dock and the other at the Pier Head – and it includes a brill audio and video guide for each visitor.

The admission is also valid for two days, so you can take things at a leisurely pace.  The exhibition in the Albert Dock is worth the price of the admission by itself.

It’s where I went today. 

Tomorrow, meanwhile, I’ll be visiting the Pier Head part of the show.

I’m looking forward to it.  

Today’s post includes some of the photos I took and processed in situ, but I’ll post again tomorrow after seeing the whole experience – and hopefully will be able to include and say much more.

Oh, and they told me not to cry – but watching a video of Paul McCartney, Linda and the rest of Wings perform “Maybe I’m Amazed” just opened the floodgates – and in full view of CCTV!

Anyways.  More, tomorrow, as I say.

on being a happy artist

Have to say am trying very hard to create a school of thought that allows certain types of art not to hurt the artist in their lives outside their art (if outside is poss).

I think the requirement that we suffer for our art is curious: must we suffer in our family or biz?  I don’t think so.

So why must art necessarily be a painful process for its creator?  It can be, and it may, indeed, for some be like this.  But for myself I want to reserve the right to be an artist, and also happily so.  No?

window cleaner needed

So.  I just discovered my Nikon L340 has a widescreen option.  I generally prefer square; not a fan of the standard format at all.  But widescreen, I fell in love with at uni on my Film & Literature course.

Here we are then.  The first pic below is the original I took this morning through a dirty window.  The second, the retouched version I’ve called “Window cleaner needed”.  Kinda looks Norwegian snowy forest, doesn’t it?  Promise you it ain’t!!!

Rainy early summer-morning in rainy early summer-morning UK.