In Spanish they say “¡Uf!” kinda when they mean “Goodness me!”.

When the moment is uncertain or, at the very least, a little unclear.

Today, for me, is one of those dayz.

One of those daze indeed.

I am still in Ireland.  I fly back on Tuesday.  This morning, I got myself a spoken-Irish language course.  It’s the least I could do, being my intentions are to continue returning.

I also bought a bad words book, as a treat and a bit of fun.  It’s always goofy to have fun, yer know.  Always goofy.

And goofy is good.

The only sadness in my life right now are bridges burnt, and not necessarily by me this time.  Maybe new bridges need to be built, or maybe they need to start from different riverbanks.

Only time and patience can now tell.

Only time and patience.

At least I have a singular purpose for the next year.  And at last my children will be able to say unequivocally what I am doing.  I do it for me in a way I have never done before, but even so I do it for them too so this will be possible for them.

For their pride and for their sense of self-worth.

If you’re interested in finding out more, here are the details of the MA I will be studying: 

The opportunities are immense.  My life clearly is to change in so many ways.

I hope I am up to the challenge.

I hope – and trust – I am.


Nothing better than an oasis of humanity in a big city of humanity.

Nothing better than to be, anonymously.

Nothing better than to fiddle and faddle with tills and tools, and tattles and tittles, and stuff and staff, and stiffnesses from times past that begin to drop away like skin from a snake which used to be present but not now: a snake once of power but no longer that so.

An afternoon spent around and about the lawns of Trinity College, Dublin – lawns where humanity walks and plays and lies down and hugs, about and around the signs which falteringly request we keep off – is precisely this afternoon of oh-ace-is.  And I can think of really nothing better to do right now.

And I need nothing better than this.  From a blutiful concrete to the Irish green of fisheye freedoms, the day slowly progresses entrancely.  And everything arights itself for just a moment.

All that I miss now is you, whoever you are.

And maybe one day, too, you will present yourself – and then the oh-ace-is will not be just now: the oh-ace-is will be oh-ace-eternal.


snapshots and streetscenes of dublin

Bits and bobs from today’s walk around and in Dublin.  

And what follows is life’s lessons for today.

And even as I hope tomorrow shall be otherwise, it’s never wise to hold your breath.

So today has taught me it’s good to relearn self-sufficiency; to learn not to depend upon others.  Especially others who promise and do not deliver.  And photography of the sort I love, and of the writing I love, and this does mean the life I have become obliged to love too, requires the participation of no one but myself.  No viewers nor readers, nor engagers of any sort. 

Better by far to be an island than a river. Better to go alone than flow with those who speak in knife- and forked-tongue.  Better, in truth, to expect nothing of others at all.  

Better to learn just how to enjoy the solitude – in all its utter plenitude.