the word and the image too (or a plan for chester)

I signed a petition today.  The #freezethatbill petition.  The one I mentioned yesterday.

I spoke to some people on the stall.  They’d been getting a good response, even getting people to join the Party.  Some achievement in these unparty-political days.

I also spoke to the newly appointed full-time organiser for the constituency of Chester.  He was looking for a place to stay.  At least until 2015.  At which point we might argue the mission will hopefully be accomplished.

He had a plan.  Or maybe not quite yet.  Maybe the plan still needed a bit of work.

As it should be.  You can only organise volunteers when you get to know them – only then can you properly see what makes a place as different as Chester tick over; what makes it actually decide to get up and do stuff too.

A plan for Chester.  A strategy for the nations that make up these islands.  And maybe a sense of guilt for what we allowed to escape us last election.  Looking at the sheer scale of the brutal dismantling of this social support system we spent such a long time constructing, from legal aid to the NHS, from spiritedly secular education to the beginnings of a decent social care network, there is plenty to feel guilty about.

It wasn’t just the politicians who got it wrong last time round.  We did too.  We ought to remember that before we lambast too much.

A plan for Chester.  The plan for Chester.  The plan which must include grassroots Cestrians first and foremost.

We don’t need populist messages to attract just the voters – we need populist messages to attract the activists to our ranks.  Only then – self-propelled – will they decide to spread the word.

The word and the image too.

outside world time, again

Me blinking, again.  I’m aiming to turn up to one of the #freezethatbill stalls tomorrow here in Chester (though I haven’t told the folks in question yet, in case – family-wise – it simply ain’t possible).

I hope to take some pictures and/or videos for uploading.  Not sure whether to go with a YouTube account, maybe created for the occasion – or pay the upgrade to and use their servers instead.

Anyone any thoughts on the matter?  Which would you do?  My long-term aim is to do quite a bit more videoing and photo-taking of events I attend in the future.  Would become too expensive on space?  10GB doesn’t seem all that generous if we’re talking HD video.

So would YouTube be a more flexible bet for the moment?

Any answers on a virtual postcard most welcome, and much appreciated.

conference call

I’ve got a conference call with Caroline Flint and Arnie Graf this afternoon.  Labour Party stalwarts – though for very different timespans – for those of you who don’t know.  But don’t worry, I’ve not suddenly become a hard-core Party apparatchik.  I guess the reasons which lead me here are quite different from that, anyway.  When faced with severe societal distress, there comes a time when realism dawns.  That time for me is now – though you may argue, rather, it is cowardice on my part.

And stopping my political blog recently, with all its sitting-on-the-fence introspection, has been a part of that process of re-engagement.

It’ll be an interesting, blinking, experience for me anyhow.

At the moment, I’m like the mole who comes up at the wrong time of day.

Oh, and that conference call?  There’ll be more than three thousand other attendees!

So if I am becoming an apparatchik, it looks like I’ll be in considerable company …