beautiful things

I like taking pics of beautiful things more than I like writing about them.  But even in my writing I’m slowly beginning to like the beautiful too.

So maybe this is the start of a long and loving, gently future, relationship.

And maybe it is after all.

window cleaner needed

So.  I just discovered my Nikon L340 has a widescreen option.  I generally prefer square; not a fan of the standard format at all.  But widescreen, I fell in love with at uni on my Film & Literature course.

Here we are then.  The first pic below is the original I took this morning through a dirty window.  The second, the retouched version I’ve called “Window cleaner needed”.  Kinda looks Norwegian snowy forest, doesn’t it?  Promise you it ain’t!!!

Rainy early summer-morning in rainy early summer-morning UK.

a morning, messing about in pret 

Am continuing to play with my new toy.  The Nikon L340 is a lovely little camera: good for me on my learning curve in photography, and its darker arts!

But what really makes it special is how the 32GB eyefi SD card I bought for it connects via its app and magical internal wifi to my iPhone, so allowing me to edit in situ the photos I am taking.

The eyefi card is a really special piece of tech: I am totally blown away by its functionality.  With it, I have a camera which works with software I choose to use, rather than software the manufacturer forces me to choose.

This is really empowering.

I am a happy bunny this morning!